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Parenting Camp: Epilogue


All dialogue in participants' own words.


Wife: We're going to the zoo.

7 Year Old: Oh! You're going to go see the Pokemon!

(It took effort, but I convinced him that if Mariann took him to the zoo and out of the office during business hours, he could see the real live Pokemon they have chained down.)

Me: That's right! You are!

Father: Pokemon at the zoo? (He knows I am lying. I think.)

Me: Of course. They have drawings of them, right? How would they know what they look like if they hadn't captured them?

7 Year Old: I want to see the Clefairy!

Me: Oh. You can't see it. It died.

7 Year Old: No it didn't! Pokemon can't die.

Me: It could. It got cancer.


The boy leaves tomorrow, and won't be back for a year. That gives me plenty of time to practice that whole "interacting with the young" thing.

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