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Temptation Island, Episode 3

Have you ever had one of those moments when your brain gets so horrified by what's going on before you that it tries to cut off its own blood supply?

But it can't do it. The survival instinct is too great. So it only manages to cut off half of the blood. And the resulting lack of oxygen in the brain creates this exhilarating lightheadedness?

You know what I mean?

All of episode 3 of Temptation Island created that blissful sensation in me. It was marvelous. When Taheed and Ytossie continued their gruesome, to-the-death, headgame blood-fued with each other? When one of the single women left the show because of a bizarre and unexplained crisis of conscience? When Billy's bright-haired skank-mate licked sticky juices off of the tender nipple bud of her Dream Date? When the sleazy Andy said or did, well, pretty much anything?

I was expecting to stop watching the series after this episode. After all, we were getting the big money shot: Billy completely lost his shit. The rest could hardly dream of matching it. And Fox has assured us that nobody will ever actually do it.

But I'm stuck. I will have to keep watching until there is an episode that doesn't display truly unpleasant and degrading behavior.

And I have the fondest hope that we haven't hit bottom quite yet.

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